Coconut Water Myth

The coconut water myth has been spreading around the Internet for the last few weeks. These articles talk about coconut being a natural sports drink or a miracle sports drink. The research is showing that the benefits of their water are a fact, not a myth.

Compared to a normal sports drink with high fructose corn syrup, coconut juice shows that it has no added sugar but tastes sweet. It’s been proven with scientific backing that this water is a better drink than sports drinks after exercise. The natural nutrition in the this water can help with weight loss. The natural sweetness replaced the high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to obesity in the American society. It’s naturally full of electrolytes and has a low sodium level.

Replacing soda and sports drinks with this water, you can get natural potassium and lowers blood pressure. Removing the high fructose corn syrup allows you to lose weight easier, as you don’t have high sugar drinks adding to your waist line. The fact that it is low calorie helps to cut your daily calorie count back to a healthy range for losing weight.

Other benefits that have been linked to this water include an increased immune system, clearer skin as you’re not using a high sugar product in high fructose corn syrup. It can help regulate your thyroid gland, allowing you to burn fat easier. It is being used currently to help people get on a healthy food plan and lose weight.

With the obesity epidemic raging in America, changing small things in our diets can help all of use to lose weight and stay in our healthy calorie range. There are foods out there which contain more calories than you should eat in a day. Drinking this water can help you lose the weight, regulate your thyroid gland, help clear your skin, and give you the nutrition that you need without any added sugar.

The science is showing that this water can be helpful for a multitude of ailments and uses. They have been working with cholera patients who seem to respond well to the coconut water. With more testing, the scientists can try and discover the ways that coconut can help a multitude of people.

It’s already showing that it can help with kidney function and help prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. It has also been used in extreme emergencies as a plasma substitute, due to it’s consistency and it’s medicinal values.

Coconut juice has been found to have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. This allows the scientists to find a way to synthesis the water for their drugs. This is something that modern science has been doing for a very long time. They find plant has some medicinal value and they attempt to make it in their laboratory to sell it to people. These drugs have been used to attempt to cure or control some of the most crippling diseases.

Because of it’s natural properties and low calorie count, as well as containing lauric acid, it has been proven safe to give to an infant if necessary. The same lauric acid can help with digestion problems.

Coconut water has been labeled a myth, but the truth is that scientists are finding things that it can do to help make us a healthier and hopefully thinner nation. So when you hear someone call this water a myth, you can tell them with confidence that science had proven that their water is a miracle of nature. Don’t believe the myth, believe the scientifically proven facts.