Sports Drinks? Drink Coconut Water Instead!

Sports drinks have had their day in the sun, but now it’s time for something new — something natural. Enter coconut water.

Coconut water is a drink that has many benefits, but many are not aware of this. With its body fortifying nutrients and energy packing sugars, salts, and vitamins, the water of a coconut is a reliable and healthy replacement over energy and sports drinks. Derived from a pure coconut, the water of a coconut lies inside its tough exterior packed with nutritious potassium. Very beneficial to the body, especially after a vigorous workout calming the body and lowering blood pressure. With the type of immune support that is offered, this drink quickly replaces your favorite sports drink and surprises you with its soothing smooth taste.

This is a great drink to start of your day or to end your day with. With its metabolic effects, fatigue disappears and is replaced by a natural energized outlook. If body weight is a concern, no worries here with the low sugar content in coconut water. The high sugar content in Gatorade has the ability to lead to future weight gain and the glucose slows the rate at which water enters the blood leading to water intoxication. This can have a adverse affect by tricking the body into drinking more and more Gatorade to compensate for thirst consuming loads of fructose at the same time.

You can classify the water from the coconut in the category with the isotonic drinks. It has the same level of electrolytes that our blood has. Often has been referred to as the nectar of life. When absorbing this drink, the more fluid intake equals more carbohydrate intake. Your overall nutrition level will rise with a revitalizing, energized metabolism. The health benefits of the water of coconuts is overwhelming but the performance that it offers is unmatched. The extra push to finish some dumbbell curl sets, cross country training, or endurance training will be provided when consistently consuming water from a coconut.

If looking for a new dietary supplement to aid you in the gym then the water of the coconut is a perfect candidate. Not only is this drink superior in the boosting metabolism department but it also is a low calorie drink. Intense workouts won’t be a burden with the properties of the water of a coconut gives your body a cool stable temperature. Water absorption from the coconut does not have an affect on the waistline at all. The glycogen stores in your body may be enough in itself allow you to embark in a intense workout that will help you shed them pounds if desirable.

Unlike the competition like Powerade which is bombarded with glucose, the water from a coconut is nature’s natural pleasantry that delivers a metabolism boost, thirst quenching abilities, and antioxidant fulfillment, this drink has it all. Not overpowered with high fructose corn syrup like soft drinks, health conscious minds can sigh a relief. Treating your body like a temple and giving it the best chance for success is essential to a positive livlihood and this drink provides the tools help make athletes.

* Note that Powerade Zero is, of course, not bombarded with sugar (it’s zero calorie) – but it DOES taste awful compared to coconut water.