Nature Factor Coconut Water

Nature Factor Coconut Water is the only 100% organic coconut water that can be easily and cheaply found out there – and it is absolutely delicious!

Nature Factor Coconut Water Nutrition

Through reading the Nature Factor Coconut Water reviews I have found some interesting facts about the Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water. This drink is great for all people – including athletes – as it boosts your metabolism and promotes weight loss due to it being high in minerals, electrolytes, and potassium. Get rid of those sugary energy drinks that only drain you out and don’t work and are very unhealthy. Get something natural that is low in sodium and won’t send you in a diabetic coma. Enjoy the replenishing tropical taste with a can of Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water.

Picking coconuts at 6-8 months old while they are still green provides a great source of low fat, low calorie young coconut water. Nature Factor Coconut Water has 690mg of potassium, which is three times the amount in ordinary sports drinks.

Nature Factor Coconut Water Reviews

I had read over a review that experienced tasters of the Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water and they say it is best to be served ice cold after a good work, warm young coconut water is not as pleasant. If you are a coconut lover then you will love the strong aftertaste of this drink. This drink is great for kids as it is naturally sweet, full of vitamins, with no added sugars and no allergens. And the good thing is this can of Nature Factor Coconut Water is only 80 calories!

Nature Factor Coconut Water Benefits

It is a known fact that at one point coconut water was used to save lives as it can replace plasma in the body. It is sterile and does not produce heat or destroy red blood cells, boosting your immune system as well. This drink also helps fight viruses, controls diabetes, and cleanse your digestive tract (which makes this a great dietary supplement). Coconut water is much cleaner than water in most sports drinks as it is higher in chloride. This water is much better than processed milk as it contains lauric acid, which is in a mothers milk.

Drinking coconut water regularly can help reduce wrinkles and sagging to the skin. This a great anti-aging supplement. Also coconut water can help break up kidney stones, prevent urinary tract infections, cure headaches, relieve muscle cramps, fatigue, and help with hepatitis. It is an absolute great source of hydration, balancing your pH level and reducing the risk of cancer. For some adults it may be good to know that coconut water can also been used to relieve hangovers restoring electrolytes lost from drinking. Oh and ladies, this water can even help relieve PMS! What a miracle worker!

Did you know coconut water can even be used to get rid of acne scars? The body sweats to keep its self cool when it is over heated. Drinking this water can help keep your body cool a lot faster because of the minerals in it. If you are pregnant and tired of fighting with morning sickness and heartburn then Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water is the right choice for you. Want to try this all natural drink then don’t wait, buy it cheapest online using our price comparison widget below.

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