Egg White Facial Mask for Smooth and Elastic Skin

An Egg White Mask for Smooth Skin!

An Egg White Mask for Smooth Skin!

The old saying of having egg on your face might not be such a bad thing. The practice of using egg whites to stop wrinkles, prevent acne and firm the facial skin has been around for a very long time. Egg whites have many nutrients that soak into the skin to make it more youthful. An egg white mask is very easy to make and works alone or with other ingredients from the kitchen cupboards to enhance the skin.


Eggs are packed with protein and other nutrients that are good for the skin. Calcium, selenium and B complex vitamins are also contained in the egg white. When applied directly to the skin, all these good things soak in and enhance the cells of the skin.


Egg white masks work to heal and prevent acne problems. The mask eliminates both whiteheads and blackheads and cleanses the skin. After applying an egg white mask the skin on the face actually feels tighter because the skin becomes more elastic while pores tone. Removing the mask causes dead skin cells to come off easily and leaves the face smooth and silky. An egg white mask is just as good as any exfoliator on the market.

Making the Mask

All that is truly needed to make an egg white mask is a bowl, whisk and an egg. Crack the egg and separate the yolk from the white. Drop the white into a bowl and whisk for a minute. That is all there is to it.

Other easy-to-find ingredients enhance the effect of the egg white. If these aren’t enough for you, you can find other ideas on places like Pinterest, where tons of people have tried out their own homemade egg white masks!

  • Adding a little olive oil helps hydrate dry skin. Those with dry skin should always use a little oil because the egg white is astringent and dries the skin on the face.
  • Add honey to heal any blemishes on the face and enhance elasticity of the skin.
  • Add lavender oil for healing acne. Coconut water contains cytokines, plant hormones that have an effect on human cells. These hormones keep cells smooth and make skin look brighter and tighter.
  • Add some coconut water to the egg white for extra anti-aging properties.

Applying the mask


Always remove any existing make up and oils that might be on the face. Your daily facial cleanser should work well for removing any makeup. One of the best times to apply a facial mask is right after a shower when the skin is clean and the pores are open and ready for nutrient intake. Pull hair away from the face and secure it.


Apply the egg white mixture to the face starting at the under-the-chin area and spread upward over the chin, the cheeks and forehead. Go around the mouth and eyes and avoid getting any of the mixture in the eyes.

When to use

Use the face mask once a month to tighten and make skin look younger. Use whenever an acne break out occurs and again in a few weeks to prevent more breakouts. Eggs are beneficial to health and nutritious on the inside and the outside.

Let the Magic Work

Let the mixture dry naturally on the face. Sit back and relax for at least 15 to 20 minutes and feel the skin tightening minute by minute. After the mixture dries, use a damp, warm washcloth to wash it off or jump in the shower.

Those that might desire the type of mask that peels can achieve this by adding strips of tissue over top of the mask right after applying it. The egg white mixture will adhere to the tissue and enable it to peel off taking all impurities and dead skin cells with it. Wash afterward and pat dry. Always apply a moisturizer after removing a mask to re-hydrate the skin.


Some people are allergic to eggs, but that usually means they can’t eat them. Having that type of allergy does not mean the person is allergic to a topical application. To be safe, apply a small amount of the mask mixture to the inside of the arm, wait 20 minutes, rinse off and see if the arm turns red or itches. If not, it is safe to apply the mixture to the face. Use organic eggs that do not have harmful additives that can also soak into the skin.

Where to find Egg Whites?

Egg whites are sold in almost any local grocery store, but you’ll find the best prices online, where you can compare brands and have the whites shipped conveniently to your doorstep. Our favorite brand is Egg Whites International, which has a 14 day money-back guarantee. Their products last up to 3-4 months with proper refrigeration!

A homemade egg white mask will enhance the appearance of the face. While commercial products are available, including a mask that comes in a tube or a soap that works like a mask, these products cost between 10 and 15 dollars. Why spend so much when you can find great deals on egg whites online?