Ecos Coconut Water

Ecos Beverages 100% Coconut Water is a healthy source of nutrition for anyone seeking an alternative to beverages full of chemicals and sugar. Ecos finds the youngest coconuts suitable for harvesting to provide customers with the freshest tasting coconut water available. The younger coconuts contain more potassium and less sugar than competing coconut water products. Ecos Beverages 100% Coconut Water harvests their coconuts from the western part of Thailand. It is in this area that coconut water has a reputation for full of flavor. Ecos Beverages prides itself in not adding any ascorbic acid, sugar, or additional flavors into their coconut water.

Ecos Beverages 100% Coconut Water is authentically pure and natural. It aids in detoxification, purification, and rehydrating the body. It contains a high concentration of magnesium, sodium, potassium, and electrolytes. Because of this, Ecos Coconut Water is perfect for athletes

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Ecos harvests younger coconuts than other leading brands for a fresher taste, less sugar, and more potassium per ounce. Our coconuts come from western Thailand, where the coconut water is known for being especially flavorful and having a wonderful aroma. Ecos Beverages has no added ascorbic acid, no added sugar and we don’t add other flavors. We’re proud of our coconut water so we keep it natural.

Ecos Coconut Water Benefits

Ecos Beverages 100% Coconut Water contains no fat or cholesterol. They add a ton of electrolytes to help rehydrate you quickly. Ecos Coconut Water contains more potassium than a banana and has a good mix of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and phosphorus. These nutrients help with cramping, blood pressure, overall cardiovascular health, and kidney health. There is no sugar added to Ecos Beverages 100% Coconut Water. The natural sugar in the water is actually low enough that diabetics can consume it safely. The water contains strong antioxidants and anti-aging phytonutrients. The low acidity of the water makes it very easy on the enamel of the teeth and makes digestion very easy. The naturally present electrolytes and glucose provide an all natural energy boost without any type of jitters or crashing.

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Choosing Ecos Coconut Water over soft drinks and sugary beverages will aid in weight loss. The natural nutrition you receive from the great tasting coconut water will help regulate your body and provide long lasting energy so that you can do the things you want to do!

Ecos Coconut Water Ingredients

This product contains nothing but 100% All Natural Tender Thai Coconut Water (aged only 6 months). Thai coconut water is by far the sweetest and best tasting!

Ecos Coconut Water Side Effects

Unless you have a coconut allergy, there are absolutely no side effects when enjoying Ecos Beverages 100% Coconut Water. In fact, this is one of the preferred products we drink after rough weekends on the beach playing volleyball (and drinking Ecos!)

Ecos Coconut Water Reviews

“Ecos has a uniquely fresh taste compared to the other coconut water brands. I love how it tastes like the coconut water from the coconuts you buy whole in Whole Foods and other natural foods markets. Nutritionally, Ecos also has less sugar and more potassium per ounce. Checking the USDA nutritional analysis online for young coconuts, you can tell this is a younger coconut water than the other brands that have a much higher sugar content. I like seeing a new brand with such a nice looking package. Not to mention the fact it’s not owned by Coke or Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. Great product!”

“I have tried coconut water in the past and really wasn’t the biggest fan because it was always too sweet for me. I have heard about how good it was in preventing cramping while working out so I figured I would give it another shot and tried ECO’s. Now I am now hooked, I usually drink an ECO’s about an hour before my workout and I have not had to deal with an cramping since! Not only does it help with workouts but ECO’s does not overpower you with an extreme sweet taste. I would definitely recommend it and I hope that I can find it in Austin soon!”