Dude Ranch Vacations Catch on to Coconut Water

Dude Ranch Vacations

Leading Cattle at Chico - WOW it looks hot... better bring your Coconut Water!

Dude ranch vacations are cottoning on to the idea of offering coconut water to their guests to help combat dehydration on all-day rides, says Top50 Ranches, the brand representing the world’s premier dude ranch vacations and horse riding holidays. While big, bulky water canteens were once a familiar sight on dude ranch vacations, many guest ranches are now packing travelers off with comparatively smaller amounts of coconut water to keep them hydrated on long cattle drives and pack trips.

Says Top50 Ranches’ editor, Mel Rutherford: “Many of the working ranches we represent have commented how cattle drives have seen much less disruption from frequent toilet breaks now they’ve started offering guests coconut water instead of plain H2O! Dude ranch guests are also staying better hydrated through drinking coconut water on all-day trail rides and pack trips, and can go horseback riding for much longer without feeling thirsty and fatigued than they did when drinking water alone.”

Dude Ranch Vacations are HOT… But there’s a Great, Natural Solution

While many traditional cowboys are still happy to carry their heavy, army-style water canteens, for guests on dude ranch vacations it’s a different story. “Guests aren’t used to carrying such bulky, heavy equipment, especially if they don’t have saddle bags in which to store the water canteens,” explains Mel. “Cattle drives can be fast-paced, and when riding over rough terrain at speed, the last thing you want is a heavy canteen banging around on your saddle or against your legs.”

On cattle drives, cowboys and guests alike have to stay in control of their horse as well as several thousand head of cattle, often for hours at a time. Coconut water not only keeps their bodies functioning properly for the job, but their minds focused, too. Says Mel: “It’s paramount to keep a good focus on cattle drives, as one stray cow making a run for it can cause the entire herd to split and run. Dude ranch guests in particular, who may not be used to having to stay so focused both physically and mentally, will benefit from drinking coconut water instead of water or sports drinks.”

The rich, hearty cowboy diet may be delicious, but this means many guests on dude ranch vacations just can’t turn down that extra helping of rib-eye or that second slice of apple pie! With coconut water also aiding digestion and preventing acid reflux, many dude ranch vacation guests find that it helps to ease the discomfort sometimes caused by the rich ranch diet they are not used to.

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Top50’s luxury dude ranches with spas are particularly keen to offer coconut water to their guests. “It’s normally the health-conscious individuals who choose the more luxury dude ranch vacations, and the ranches with full-service spas and gyms,” Mel explains. “Guests at these dude ranches generally steer clear of high-sugar energy drinks and calorie-laden sports drinks, and are delighted to be offered such a healthy alternative – especially one that maintains their energy levels for the many dude ranch activities on offer.”

Dude ranch vacations see many guests traveling from Europe, where drinking coconut water is more commonplace than in the USA. “Many Europeans taking dude ranch vacations with Top50’s ranches are much more switched on to the idea of drinking coconut water than many traditional cowboys,” says Mel. “Western cowboy culture may yet take some convincing, but dude ranches and guest ranches are certainly helping to pave the way.”

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