Coconut Water PMS Relief – It Really Helps!

Relieving PMS Symptoms using Natural Coconut Water

Post menstrual stress is something every woman will face someday. It is the natural reaction of the body to the physiological changes as hormonal levels change within the body. For countless generations humans have used natural medicines, knowledge passed on by culture and tradition, to treat the different health concerns they faced. In our modern fast paced world much of that ancient lore has been lost or abandoned and there is an increasing problem of over-dependency on prescription drugs, many of which may cause serious side effects. An alternative option is to seek remedy in natural sources, proven effective, and in many cases providing nutrition and well being.

Such a remedy can be found when using coconut water for PMS symptoms. Coconut water is a rich natural blend of phytohormones, sugars and minerals. It provides nutrition for coconut seedlings in the harshest of environments and has many proven clinical applications for different conditions, including PMS. It is rich in vitamins, specifically vitamin A, E and B complex, and minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus.

Traditional uses of coconut include feeding young toddlers with coconut water instead of animal milk as it contains properties similar to those of mothers milk. Another important benefit to take into consideration is the fact that there are no side effects associated with the use coconut water, while it provides general wellness and improves health.

With regular consumption of coconut water PMS can be reduced as the nutrients present help the body regulate its hormonal balance. It is a natural source of folic acid, which reduces hot flashes and is essential for several metabolic processes. Coconut water can be combined with other ingredients to provide health elixirs and can be integrated in everyday cooking. Rice cooked with coconut water is a common dish throughout the tropics, as well as many other culinary uses, such as desserts and drinks.

As the coconut water increases general nutrition and well being the body is relieved of other systemic stresses, thus increasing the ability to regenerate and to focus its energies. In others words, as coconut water relieves stress caused on the body by, say, an ulcer by alleviating the ulcer, the energy otherwise spent on that ulcer can now be used for other bodily functions, such as hormone production, a secondary need in post menstrual metabolism.

The use of traditional medicine can be very rewarding, it may be combined with other beneficial activities such as gardening or cooking. It is important that we educate ourselves as to what we consume, and many health concerns can be reduced and in many cases cured by simple adjustments to our diets or lifestyles. Health is the most precious commodity we can afford, sometimes adopting healthier lifestyles may as well provide economic relief.

Next time you get a headache try a new approach, drink a cool glass of coconut water! A coco a day keeps the doctors at bay!

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