Coconut Water for Hangovers – The Unadultered Truth

So you’ve heard that coconut water helps with hangovers… and you’re planning on going out tonight and want to prevent some pain tomorrow. Or you’re already hungover as you read this. Well, we’ve got some good news for you!

A great article by the pros over at, coconut water is great for hangovers, and they give scientific proof along with other things you should consider buying!

The basic idea behind the coconut water hangover cure is this:

  1. You are dehydrated (or going to be dehydrated), and drinking enough coconut water will stop or prevent this. Coconut water is primarily water, so this is simple enough.

  2. You need electrolytes. Drinking alcohol doesn’t provide any of them, and every time you urinate, you lose more and more. They are required for all sorts of circulatory functions in your body.

    As mentioned all over this site, coconut water contains all 5 electrolytes found in your blood. Your favorite sports drink contains only TWO electrolytes, and not many of them at that. A cup of coconut water has more potassium than a banana.

  3. Coconut water doesn’t contain too much fructose, which is DEADLY for your liver – especially at a time of crisis like a hangover. This is why sugary sports drinks, which are made of either sucrose or high fructose corn syrup, are simply horrible to your liver during a hangover. Coconut water, however, isn’t as bad.

  4. Your blood sugar will dip far too low after an epic night of drinking. This is the spike and crash. So while we don’t want too much sugar, we do need some. And coconut water has just that – some sugar, but not gobs of it.

Coconut Water Hangover Cure

So how does the coconut water cure hangover? As compared with other drinks, it has a lot lower sugar and fructose – but it does haven just enough sugar to keep your blood sugars up.

Coconut water contains the five essential electrolytes found in the blood and needed by the body to be rehydrated. Since alcohol is considered a diuretic, a whole night of party drinking leads in urinating a lot which makes one dehydrated afterwards. With this, coconut water makes a perfect drink to replenish and restore the electrolytes needed by the body. Water alone is not enough to replace all what was lost.

So our coconut water hangover remedy is to drink coconut water before going out, and have some ready to drink before going to bed once you come home. Additionally, another container of coconut water first thing in the morning will get you just right. With coconut water, hangover time is not only greatly reduced, but also in keeping the body state healthy.

I also found it interesting that there are some great pills that can be mixed with coconut water on See the Hangover Pills page. I tried the NAC along with coconut water before drinking and before bed, and was simply blown away the next morning. While I was a bit tired, I woke up saying “Wow, I should feel much worse than this”.

So I’m hooked on this “stack” of pills and coconut water. The best method for me is to take B Vitamins, NAC, and Vitamin C along with coconut water before going out, drinking a bit of water between my several beers, and then taking the pills with my coconut water when I get home to prevent the hangover. Leaving the pills out on the counter helps so you don’t forget when you stumble on in. If I’m a total jackass, yes, I still get hangovers. But if I just drink “moderately hard”… I am actually functional the next day thanks to this stuff!

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