Chocolate Coconut Water!

You read right – chocolate coconut water is here! This is a long-awaited treat for anyone who likes to junk on drinks like Yoo-Hoo or NesQuik, or wanted a new type of kick to their coconut water.

This year, Zico delivered their chocolate coconut water flavor, and the good news is that the reviews are through the roof! Reviewers are calling it everything from “addictive” to “simply amazing” to “a little slice of heaven”. Definitely exciting news for those of us who need a chocolate fix that doesn’t steer us overboard.

However, we must caution you on a couple of things:


    There are 23g of carbs, 18 of which are sugar. If you drink this all day long, you will constantly load your blood with sugar, spiking your insulin levels, and sending the sugar into fat storage.

    The above statement is scientific fact – not my opinion – and the situation is even worse if you drink this product (or anything sugary / high-carb) late at night or before bed.

    However, the electrolytes in Zico Chocolate Coconut Water are great – if you take this post-workout with some protein (preferably after a first-thing-in-the-morning workout), you’re going to be in great shape. They lower blood pressure, and do tons of other things mentioned in our Coconut Water Benefits page. But don’t let the marketing fluff of coconut water companies fool you – sugar is sugar, and late-night sugar is not healthy.

    That said, it’s still less sugar than nonsense like non-diet soda, Yoohoo, Slim-Fast Shakes, or NesQuik, so that’s a great thing.

  2. This is not “real” coconut water

    We are disappointed that Zico has once again pushed new product into their 14oz product line, which is made out of coconut water concentrate. Other brands push real coconut water made from real coconuts. This product is processed and loses some of its effectiveness in that process. If you are a looking for something completely natural, it is clearly not this product. This is discussed in further detail on our Zico Coconut Water page.

So at the end of the day, this is not a perfect product, but if you need a chocolate fix or are hooked on disgusting, unhealthy drinks such as Yoo-Hoo, Ovaltine, or Quik… get off of those and get onto this – it’s far better – with reservations.

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